natural borders

by tailbone

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natural borders is a collection of songs recorded in chicago, il sporadically and haphazardly throughout the year 2015. drums recorded at fort knox studios in chicago.

album download includes lyric sheets for each song with handwritten lyrics and images.


released March 6, 2016

all songs written and recorded by brian lugo

catsinspace productions
thisBIGmonster records



all rights reserved


tailbone Portland, Oregon

tailbone is the moniker of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist brian lugo. wannabe punk writing sad pop songs after too much jazz radio.

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Track Name: telling you why
i am the performer
fix your eyes, fix your ties
while i ask some time
just to split some hairs

have you often forgotten
that you’ve often forgotten
that i’m warm with blood
only colored skin so deep

telling you lies
i’m telling you why

maybe you’re right
and i am not the same
calling it off
go back from where we came

i say, “if you love something then let it hit the ground"

oh, so you know the real me?
the one you’re begging to hear plead
i’ve got no time
for passive paws goes right by
Track Name: records in space
footfalls ascending
i’ve turned another back
and with a selfish mouthful
contingent hypochondriac

said she never had doubts
was offered truthful love
but with a selfish mouthful
somehow “i think i’ve had enough”

it’s strange the things we love
they get tossed aside and reside and flutter up
into swarms at night of crepuscular crocodiles

you had me
but you had a life to lead causing wrecks heard in space
calm down please
i stand here bereft of speech no record in space
passing heat
a closeted profound defeat a wreck heard in space

misgivings and loud shortcomings heard
project your selfish mouthful i’ll protect the memories preserved

the wrongs that i have done with my midnight eyes
prone to pry, they’re looking up to see swarms at night
of crepuscular crocodiles
Track Name: good looks
jarring, my feelings starting
and i’m peeling
wobble through the door and state your business
pause it, trust yourself enough to distrust yourself
sharpening the edge of swords to wield up
somehow these feelings darkened, no fleeting
we’re just fucking up some more, so what’s the difference?

goods looks’ll get you far if you got ‘em
good looks is what you’ll get when you’re looking from the bottom

you can take the boy out of the rat’s mouth
but how do you explain the distant past jumping time
i see the past in my future eyes
spasms through my arms
like a phantom tap, a passing lapse of a passing friendship with a fucking passive end
and oh yeah, i’m terrified of you
my ghoulish presence you see through smoke screened eyes
to multiply two parasites for life
Track Name: wilt
coated nails, no trace of filth
and underneath, no clawed off skin
informer love who let you in

but who am i to make the claim that everything will be okay?
we weather and wilt
the sun keeps moving on

go on, never speak a word of it
they’ll have nothing left to go on
never to be sure of it
so i’m trying to find the promised land
even though, it is known, you never even had a chance to look behind it’s disguise

home attacks through glacial stares
slipping off and out like teeth
surrendering, light up defeat

the moons will take you on

make your accomplices far and wide
aim your crosshairs through their eyes
Track Name: how i care
that’s heavy, blackhole eyes
from time to time count out the people you have bested
and had to hand a flat deadpan
friends of friends, they’re not my friends
that’s heavy

i care how i care
so why do you care?

my habits are designed and structured by
the place i stand in line
such design, shallow climb
the kind of crimes i find justified
through a new pair of eyes that look both ways and cross

what penmanship you have
tickled tongues and teeth, old hat
why don’t you call ‘em up?
something’s what
good penmanship you have
Track Name: slumber teeth
the best you can be
is the best you can be
if the best you can be doesn’t fly
to obtain the skills
to reach the top of the hill
when the top of the hills not too
far to climb

hold tight to those beliefs
feel that ground beneath your feet
slumber teeth, slumber away

chasing flies in my own house
well, i get how walter feels now
take it slow, cause helicopter hearts are bound to lose control

take em and go
and to think that you could know
sit awake through the night drifting
through the time
saints that soon spat
along a tightly routed map
and i never thought i’d see myself there
"suits you right"

hold tight to the beliefs
keep the tongue behind your fucking teeth
slumber teeth, slumber astray