same pants

by tailbone

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"same pants" was recorded before and after moving to portland, oregon in august 2016.
tracks 1-3 recorded at pat's pint-size palace in pdx. tracks 4-5 recorded at fort knox in chicago, illinois.


released July 21, 2017

all songs written, performed and recorded by brian lugo


a catsinspace production | thisBIGmonster records



all rights reserved


tailbone Portland, Oregon

tailbone is the moniker of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist brian lugo. wannabe punk writing sad pop songs after too much jazz radio.

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Track Name: same pants
i’m wearing the same pants that i wore last week
through the day and through the dawn
i will still have these pants on
i’ve got no room within my life
to get another cut and style that fits me right

so i’m wearing the same pants
yeah, that’s for sure
from tomorrow and then on
where i’ve got these distractions
that keep me from my day to day
you know, “everything is in the way, held by gravity”
my anxieties remain dismayed
though i hear everybody say,
i wear these pants okay
Track Name: waste your time
if i’m not steady I’m just standing in line
i’ve got less dollars than time
no way to manage either one
i’ll let my teeth go but i won’t bite my tongue
at your expense is too fun
even though i’m wasted every word

roll out of bed and roll out
coming unrolled and shown out
hey what is this all about?
can i get a minute here?
you've got no time you've got no sense of career
"if you do then you should take it from here"

so why would you waste your time with me?

parties, in past tense
knock on my door and i won’t let you in
comments, overhead
that’s rhetoric and i can’t stand to listen in
back up, or back in
the holes inside my ears need filling
Track Name: cookie baby
if clouds can part
well then we can feel the same
crowded in our lives
all raining from cloudy eyes
if it must be it must be somebody else
all prophets and all lies are all so god damn wise

sugar, i know you want a little sugar from me
but i just want a cookie baby it’s true
yeah, i could eat ‘em all night with you

and the ovens hot so we’ll jump right on in
ketchup on the sun, we’re pending damages
no silver lining now that we can follow to home
divides that paralyze and then just swallow me whole

sugar, you gotta keep that sugar from me
because i want it..
i want a cookie baby it’s true
yeah, i could eat 'em all night with you
Track Name: sharp tooth
how am i so cold?
shivering spine!
i hear the humming of the power lines tonight
so why try?
like i can go inside, you can change your mind cause

you can’t deny your faith
climbing for your escape
sharp tooth with a long embrace
you cannot find your way

oh, am i so blind?
i can never seem to find the things i like
so why try?
to define what’s right if it’s just tonight?
Track Name: not the same
maybe it’s not the same anymore
maybe it never was, and it’s nothing different
i don’t want to play any more
assassins pass the blame, passed it right and shifted
i don’t have the game anymore
my back against the wall, looked two times and missed it

gutters of the past
where my mind was seen last
you’re still amongst the cast
and i’m here
to shut you down
i can’t be too attached

and i wanted more than
just what stays the same for me
it’s the same for me
plotting land mines
walk the barefoot ground the same
and the grounds the same
diving air strike targets are locked down
we’re done, don’t ya know we’re done?

i’ve had enough to say, i’m sure
so i’m keeping my mouth shut
you can call me gifted
i don’t want to play anymore
flips and sticks in mind so i’ll never miss it
i miss it all