by tailbone

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this album was compiled during time spent living in los angeles, calfornia. recorded in los angeles, culver city, and pomona. catsinspace productions. thisbigmonster records. 2013.


released September 24, 2013

music and lyrics by: brian lugo.
piano and strings by: john wells.



all rights reserved


tailbone Portland, Oregon

tailbone is the moniker of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist brian lugo. wannabe punk writing sad pop songs after too much jazz radio.

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Track Name: streekz
so you break into a fit of it and split
the fiery transparency, assemble it
take into account,
you're steady up and all grown up,
you stand up tall to back it up

red and white and i will wipe the floor
upper level visual
take into account,
you're no longer ashore,
but if you light me up then i will pour

but i miss you
even though you say
i could kiss you
right here,
straight away
but dare to share with anywhere that cares to share all their affairs cause a sailor's chair with tender wear means lightning bolts could pour down!

so never leave a bed outside for him
the stars in the sky will kiss his skin
granted it will hurt, granted it will burn
but making up and dressing wounds should take the pain off, set the mood
so carry it on over to the den,
nestle up tight till you settle in
granted it will hurt, granted you will learn,
to lay it out.

take it up, you can take it up with me.
if you've got the time to leave,
then you've got the time to bleed.
Track Name: breaking honesty
at what age do we defile
breaking honesty
ascending trial

is it close enough
if we're close enough?

it's possible to decay
there's no way ahead of it
it's possible to decay
do you hear what the elders say?
"you gotta tuck it away"
until i wake

when the choppers chop along
pride in the air is strong
so we look away
to crooked teeth and a backwards smile
straighten up your back a while,
maybe loosen up your mind

is it close enough
if we're close enough?
Track Name: figure out
if you see me staring back
would you just give me a laugh
saying that i'm still the same
the time had never changed
if i am just another one,
am i still the same i was?
guess i'm just another one
who'd better learn to have some fun

i've got a lot to think about
i've got a lot to figure out

all the things that i have done
don't amount to nothing but
blue felt cases and cd's
that just stare right back at me
if i am just another one,
am i still the same i was?
guess we all are just the ones
who'd better learn to have some fun, yeah?
Track Name: lust
there's no way to get me to go anywhere.
how could i bear to be selfish again?
there's no way to try to convince you i care.
how could you be so selfish again?
if we only knew, if we only cared to know it's here?
standing in the crowd, shouting out loud for someone to hear.
want to get a taste of your lips, your hair?
falling from my face, it'll cover me till i'm not there.

if you could, then you would.

all it took, just a little hope to know.
Track Name: upon yourself
constant, catastrophic control
contempt, complain
harden up the pawns you pawned to place

combat, burrowing bundles beneath
the same people, these people looking for time.

take it upon yourself...

stomachs made of glass
wine party go-ers
tighten their shoulders
over again and over their heads and over again.

do you know what i'd like to say
every time i script it your way?
the letters form, a sensitive swarm
to caress your body cause most nights i'd like to.
Track Name: been lost
in the faded memories
drunk on the streets
like you could've been lost,
you could've been lost.

humming power lines,
through smokey-kind eyes
as i tried to get lost,
i tried to get lost

and anxiously await
to have another taste,
but you're taking a pause,
why ya taking a pause?

don't bide, try to fly up north!
i'm stuck, in a bind, naked of worth!
ascend, take it in, in a breakthrough!

straight to cursing the ones
living it up through phantom
ideas you'll never get lost,
you'll never get lost

and i redacted my mind,
to a better place and time
where i thought i was lost,
i thought i was lost

carefully, care for me!